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Energy Center –

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau Bahamas Wayist Energy Center

Because your soul matters

Your health, mindset and happiness is at stake.
Our certified and licensed Pneumatherapists will get your spiritual energies in shape

Chakra Work

We do Chakra energy diagnosis, energizing and balancing

Social Energies

Particular chakras, and energy lines in your soul-body are responsible for relationships. This is our specialty.

Karma Work

To know what lies ahead for you in terms of your Karma is a big benefit to navigate your Way ahead.


Spiritual energy wellness retreat

This 6-day retreat in Siem Reap is packed with daily lectures, workshops, spiritual excursions and therapies. READ MORE

Know Your Karma

A thorough diagnosis of spiritual energies plus an intensive look at your present soul development helps us to produce a roadmap of your Karmic situation. The benefits of knowing the future challenges that your soul will face, and the areas of learning that are important for Karma is very helpful to navigate life. READ MORE


Dhatri Therapy is the most powerful prana therapy one can ever do. It resembles an oil massage–in fact, Dhatri is the ancient foundation of what today is known as massage. Dhatri is a full body prana treatment that not only energizes and aligns chakra energies, but also the 12 dhamani (meridians), and the abdominal and feet hara zones, the head, face and neck. READ MORE


We do a series of spiritual energy tests to determine the condition of your soul’s health and wellness status. A 20-page PDF report of the findings are emailed to you. Based on this diagnosis we formulate therapeutic plans READ MORE


Pranamayati is the great, great grandmother of Reiki. Pranamayati, however is done after thorough diagnostic of the chakra energies, haras and nadis. The energy therapy itself is powerful prana infusion of Source Energy into each chakra and the nadis that connect the chakras. READ MORE


After more tan 20-years, I still feel I have the best job in the world. Every day I get to help people overcome stumbling blocks that they have been struggling with for many years.
Adele du Plessis

Ordained Wayist Teacher, Healer, Wayism Canada

Text forthcoming

Billie Bowe

Ordained Waysit Teacher & Pneumatherapist, Principal at Wayism Bahamas

As a teacher, author and therapist I am privileged to serve the multitude of clients who come to us from all over the world. We make make long-term bonds, we share in the healing and life changing experiences of hundreds of people who are led to us. We bow in gratitude and humility at this honour.
Jean du Plessis

Wayist Teacher, Wayism International

Healing Packages

Every one of our services are valuable, each for its own purpose. For your convenience, we combined some of the most popular services in packages for you to choose. Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals

Package 1



Spiritual Energy Diagnostic

Know Your Karma analysis (chakra personalities)

Pranamayati Therapy (Prana-Chakra healing)

Dhatri and and Marma therapy

Karman Yoga and Mantra meditation sessions

Spiritual path guidance

Fruit and tea

Package 2


12 hours over 2 days

Package 1 plus below

Full body detox

Additional Pranamayati therapy

Ayurvedic personality type

Additional spiritual path guidance session

Additional Karman Yoga and Mantra meditation sessions

Fruit and tea