Individual spiritual counselling sessions

Individual Spiritual Counselling

Who benefits most from spiritual counselling with a professional pneumatherapist (pneuma is Gk. for spirit)?

Often-times, spirituality, cultural conditioning and religious dogma comes in a mixed bag of things than can create emotional conditions which negatively impact on soul development and spiritual harmony.

Rediscover your innate, natural spirituality that has served you well over many past lives. Rediscover your happiness and your individual path to spiritual health – and how to either embrace or put behind you the religious and cultural influences of this life.

A well rounded pneumatherapist will help you to make sense of the true issues, and help to separate the baggage of totem, taboo, and dogma from your true inherent spirituality that has served you so well, over many, many past lives. Discover your natural spirituality, and happiness—and how to make peace with, or put behind you the religious influences of this life.

Then, there are the outliers—people who are either atheist or being haunted or affected by ghosts or spells.

Whether you come from a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Daoist culture, Jean du Plessis is in a very good position to bring healing to your life. He is a trained Christian theologian and minister, an lifelong scholar and practitioner of Buddhist, Hindu and Daoist lore and rite. 

Do you have questions about theology, or the philosophy of a particular discipline?

A well rounded professional with credentials in studies of World Religions can help.

What is the difference between soul, spirit and mind, and why do most writers and translators of Biblical text translate the original Greek pneuma (spirit), psyche (soul) and nous (mind) willy-nilly as soul / spirit without rhyme or reason? And the cherry on the cake—why are psychologists called soul doctors (psyche=soul), if they don’t believe in souls, but tell us it is all in the mind—and mind nous; they should be called nousologists,

mind doctors, not soul doctors. Learn how to undo this damage, so it stops interfering with your development of soul.

When it comes to ghosts, spells, superstitions and damaging hauntings—you need the help of someone with experience in countries ravaged by these issues—like Cambodia and Africa. Jean du Plessis has a home in Canada but nowadays lives in Siem Reap, most of the time. He lived in Africa for almost four decades.