What spiritual Healing is not

Spiritual healing is not science

Any attempt to explain Spiritual Healing in scientific terms will fail, and rightfully so. It is nothing less than folly to use the terms and laws of one field to explain things of an altogether different field—likewise, no-one should try to explain the Mechanisms of Music by using the jargon, references and laws of the field of International Politics, and insist that Mechanisms of Music can be understood in terms of International Politics. There may some correlations, some causal factors, but the one can never be explained, studied and practised in terms of the laws and nature of the other.

In this vein, several ‘teachers’ of Yogi Philosophy are wrong when they perpetuate a language and mind-set in which they speak of the higher Tantras, Kundalini and Prana as “Yoga Technology”. The term “technology” applies to the field of Science. Technology is defined as: “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry“. Yogic and higher Spiritual Philosophy, and spiritual energy healing belongs to the field of meta-physics and can never be studied and applied as a science or one of its technologies.

What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Energy animates the human body. Without this energy, when the soul leaves the human body, the body dies. It is this Energy with which we work to heal the holistic person (body, mind and soul), not only the ailment in the physical body.

Spiritual Energy keeps the body alive and energizes its natural homeostasis, its ability to heal and repair itself.

Moreover, under good conditions spiritual energy repairs DNA and RNA, reprograms the human body’s mind, animates the body’s mechanisms to do what it had always done (fight off pathogens, viruses, cancers, cell and nerve damage) and brings about healing that goes beyond what a single medical regime can accomplish.

Allopathic (modern) medicine makes use of chemicals that target mostly single functions inside a human body. It takes another doctor, from another discipline to target the human mind, psychology. Then, the patient will most prabably not consult a spiritual doctor to heal the spiritual condition. Few people go to the trouble to see three practitioners for a single ailment.

About the Pneumatherapist

The Pneumatherapist or Doctor of Spiritual Energy targets the holistic person via the channel of higher authority in the human’s constitution, that of spiritual energy.

Pneumatherapists undergo many years of study and internship. Pneumatherapists make use of a variety of techniques known by different names all over the world. Some of the names of generic healing tools that one may immediately recognize, for example, will be: Reiki, Prana Therapy, Chakra Energy Healing, QiGong, Qi-therapy, Prayer, Channeling, Acupressure, Meridian Therapy, Touch Therapy, Holistic Massage, Distant Healing, Contact Healing, Bio-energy Healing, and Acupuncture.By: Jean du Plessis, Nov 2016.

Jean is a prominent spiritual healer and author of several books.

Adele is a compassionate and sought after spiritual healer.

Steffi is a insightful and caring spiritual healer.

Clients from around the world visit The Spiritual Energy Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia.NOTES:

  • Science is defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment”.
  • Spiritual healing is incomprehensible by the intellectual (in)capacity of the human animal’s organic brain, mostly due to its inability to comprehend metaphysics and supernatural things.
  • Spiritual healing and its energies and mechanisms of healing mostly fall outside the spectrum of the physical and natural world—which is the domain of science. Spiritual healing falls within the domain of meta-physics, or the super-natural world of the soul, spirit, angels and gods.
  • Scientific tools of observation and measurement are effective only in the natural world with its gross energies (electromagnetic spectrum) and material manifestations. These tools and devices (radio, photo, x-ray, microwave, etc.) are incapable of detecting spiritual energies. Soul beings, however, detect spiritual energies all the time, making use of soul ‘tools’ and faculties often called minor chakras in the aura.