Spiritual Body Diagnosis

Spiritual Energy Diagnosis is the foundation of our clinical services

While this page is written for our Siem Reap, Cambodia spiritual energy center, the same methods and ethics apply to other Pneumatherapy healing centers.


Symptoms can have several causes. Symptoms can be caused either by, mental, psychological, physical, or spiritual conditions.

It is therefore important to test, check and recheck with different techniques and methods, to get a full and comprehensive picture of the status of the spirit/soul body and its energies. 

We test all chakras with two different methods. Meridian energy levels are traced and diagnosed. The flow of energy that Chinese Traditional Medicine refers to as Yin & Yang energies is a bipolar Prana energy that flows through our physical and subtle bodies. Accupressure points are checked. Much data is gathered through information sharing, client therapist relationship. Prana and aura-field energies are checked.

The data is then correlated to determine exactly what it is that gives rise to an energy disturbance in a particular area.

At this time a diagnosis can be made.

Appropriate therapeutic approaches and options are considered and explained.

Best in the World?

Is our system the best spiritual energy diagnostic regimen in the world? Most probably. At this time, our regimen is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. We are training other therapists, soon this system will become a new standard of care, and will not be so unique.

Our staff have advanced degrees and training in pneumatherapy. More importantly, we have been working in this field and continued studies in this field for the past thirty years. We have conducted almost 10,000 counseling and healing sessions in more than seven countries on four continents.

Our academic studies at western universities and subsequent studies and clinical work in South East Asia over the past decades culminated in what is today most probably the most comprehensive spiritual diagnostic regimen in the world.

It is true that under guidance of a single spiritual being (Holy Spirit, Avalokiteshvara, a deity, etc) one does not need additional diagnostic tools. And that is what Jean and Adele are aquinted with this. However, to teach and transfer skills in spiritual energy diagnoses, they developed this regimen that is suitable for anyone to master with practice, guidance and theoretical training. Jean and Adele teach this spiritual science at Prajnaparamita School of Pneumatherapy.

Regarding diagnosis, it is very important to have checks and balances in place, and in this regimen there are many. This directs us to uncover a full and comprehensive picture of the state of the soul.

Touchy note

Please note: Some of the diagnostic and therapeutic methods involve touch. A therapist may need to touch your feet,head and body with her/his hands. A therapist may be of any gender. If you have a gender preference please state this upfront at time of making the appointment, we would gladly accommodate your requirements.  

Clients who arrive at this session inebriated or under the influence of any mind altering drug (also antidepressants), may not get the most reliable results.

Time and Cost

How long it take: 60 to 90 min

Where: Siem Reap Wayist Center – see Location

For more information, please CONTACT US via sr@wayist.com or phone/ WhatsApp +85577804814