About Khata (devotional scarf)

A khata (also written as, kata, khatak) is a sheer white silk scarf used in Wayist and Tibetan culture as offerings to people instead of the garland of marigolds or other flowers typically used in India. It originated in Chitral, and moved to Tibetan and Nepali culture from where its use spread widely.

Khata are made of silk, yet purposely made to a standard that is most affordable. Khata are affordable to most people, so much so that the very poor can offer a gift of the same quality, value and standard than what the rich man brings to an occasion. Khata symbolize humility

and compassion. They are almost always given to spiritual leaders as gifts, sometimes the gift may be gifted back to one but not always. Khata are often brought for a blessing by a spiritual leader.

The khata may be worn or presented with incense at many ceremonial occasions, including births, weddings, funerals, graduations and the arrival or departure of guests.They can be white or multicoloured, or have Chakras on which you can paint in the workshop

Wayists (also Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhists) try to keep extra scarves at home. You never know when you need to attend a funeral, wedding or ceremony in a hurry, or when you may meet a spiritual teacher. Katha can be worn every day, or hardly ever but they are important social equalizers, spiritual and ritual objects, mandalas and even objects of worship for some – they carry immense importance for many people.

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