A Truth about Reiki Chakra Healing You Should Know

Reiki Chakra Healing is symptomatic relief for an energy imbalance or chakra ailment. Like a headache tablet, it does not address the root issue, but it may allow you some respite from the symptoms of the condition of which you suffer, for a while.

Reiki in itself is not a cure but it certainly does help one feel better.

At our center in Siem Reap, we do Reiki and prana chakra healings all the time, but we know that for a practitioner to provide only symptomatic relief is not ethical. We work with clients to fascilitate holistic healing, a cure, of the ailment.

Symptomatic relief that is helpful

Symptomatic relief for a condition is a godsend and we are eternally grateful that the relief is available, even if it lasts only for a while. After the Reiki or pra energy therapy, while we are empowered, we can concentrate on healing the root cause of the problem.

To know WHY the chakras went “out of balance”, as people say,  is very important. As experts in this area of healing, we work with clients to boil things down to root causes and then we set out on a road to healing and full recovery. Only in this way can we be empowered to start over, to rediscover again our true selves and go forth in happiness, contentment, gratitude and in loving-kindness.

By Jean du Plessis

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