Siem Reap Reiki and Prana Healing. Chakra Balancing



All therapists are qualified and certified oneumatherapists trained by well known author of books on spirituality East and West, Jean du Plessis.

Jean is our resident instructor in spiritual energy therapy. He lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia for most of the year.

Adele is a professional meditation instructor and pneumatherapist with more than 20-years experience in applying spiritual energy therapy.

Steffi is a professional pneumatherapist, as well as a seasoned and highly educated councellor. 

We Test Chakra Energy

  • Before a session we chack chakra energies, meridian energies, dosha pulses and YinYang energies. 
  • We will correct all energies possible within the scope of this Prana Reiki session
  • You will be advised if there is anything you should know about managing your spiritual energies

Duration and Price of a Reiki Prana Healing Session

  • How long does it take:  30-45 min
  • When:  By appointment
  • Where:  Siem Reap Wayist Center – see Location
  • For more information, please CONTACT US via or phone/ WhatsApp +85577804814
  • Complimentary Karman Meditation and Heart Sutra Mantra Meditation on day of visit, or during the following week (no cash value)

About the Soul

A soul, is a subtle energy body that consists of live energy matter and organs (chakras) of different types. We are souls. We are ancient, and we have had many opportunities to incarnate.

People know how to care for the human body in terms if nutrition, regular cleaning, and exercise … everyday maintenace. However, western people are not taught to care for their souls – regular cleaning, purifying, its nutrition and healing. That is what we do for you, we are a soul clinic, so-to-speak.

A human body, is an organic body that consists of live organic matter and organs of different types.  Human bodies are wondrous, yet they are fragile and do not last very long. The soul animates the body and it is affected by the body. You need a healthy soul to have a healthy body.

The link between human body and the soul, is the human body-mind. The human mind is a subtle energy generated by the human brain. It’s lifespan and efficacy relies on the health and life of the brain. Body-minds try to deal with human experiences before the resulting wisdom is passed over to be permanently stored in soul minds.

Soul Energy Therapy analyzes soul energies (often called, auras, kundalini, etc.). We determine whether conditions of the physical body, or human mind, negatively impact on one’s soul development-diagnosis.

What do we see?

Captured in our four soul-minds (4 lower chakras) is the essence of who we are as individuals. We are the culmination of many lifetimes of experiences. Our soul energies create the ‘picture’ of what we ‘look’ like to other soul and spiritual beings. From a human perspective, looking at a soul is to see who we really are – the real person.

However, we need to explain that humans do not really see these energies with eyes, we sense. A large percentage of therapists sense auras most of the time when they are in therapeutic mode. Nevertheless, because auras change as soul moods change, the visible aura is not the most reliable diagnostic tool.

Soul energy animates the physical body. The physical body uses energy and that generates heat. To help, sometimes we make use of Infrared thermal imaging scans sensitive to 0.10 Celcius for certain tests. The scans on left shows before and after treatment – a pleasing result after two chakras were unblocked and prana flow restored to normal.

Infrared thermography spiritual chakra aura therapy

We run energy tests, we do cross checks and double checks to finally get the full picture of the complex, multi-layered soul-person you are. A diagnostic session may have the look / feel of a combination of reiki, psychoanalysis, aromatherapy and touch therapies (massage / acupressure / reflexology). Treatment involves corrective actions which may involve chakra re-energizing, natural therapies, meridian work, prana correction, and if need be we guide on lifestyle changes, mental re-programming, physical interventions, and counselling.

FYI – notice the breast scan to the right, below. It shows development of tumours in the left breast. Tumors demand increased blood flow and manifest a negative energy that a good therapist usually pics up.

Please understand -we are not medical doctors and we do not do medical diagnoses. We will make you aware of issues if we notice them, but we are not medical practitioners, we are soul energy practitioners.

thermography spiritual counselling diagnostics breast scan siem reap wayist center
prana energy and chakra healing clinic

Will I feel better after a session?

Usually there is a feeling of wellness after a treatment. The sense of well-being is often a temporary symptomatic relief, because the root problem(s) lies deeper and needs long-term attention. Nevertheless, once a root problem is identified, one can usually continue along the healing path without the direct assistance of a therapist. The therapist’s task is to enable the patient on a healing path.

Spiritual Energy Therapy

Reiki Healing the Aura energy around the human body Cambodia

Can spiritual energy therapy heal my physical and mental conditions?

You are spirit, the body that you inhabit relies on spiritual energy on several levels.

The human body is a complex natural system. It has its own natural mechanisms for homeostasis (regenerating and healing).

Spiritual energy animates the body, without which the body dies.

When the spirit leaves, the body dies.

We can state a very crude analogy. The body’s natural healing mechanisms may rely on spiritual energy as an intelligent robot relies on electricity. However, electricity is not system of software and mechanisms that cause homeostasis in the robot.

Will body and mental issues be properly resolved without spiritual energy? No, death of the body happens.

Will body and mental issues be properly resolved with only certain types of spiritual energy (when only some chakras are supplying energy)? This happens, but it is not ideal.

If my spirit is sick, is there any reason to continue this incarnation?

This is a popular question.

What you ask makes sense, because you are a spirit and the body with mind that you currently use is a very temporary tool for this phase.

If the body or mind is sick, you still learn and experience life; this incarnation is still valid and beneficial.

But, you reason, if you are sick, is it not better to go Home to heal and come back to earth-school another day?

Spirit can heal, even during an incarnation. The main reasons why you get sick is because of neglect, lack of maintenance and severe trauma that goes unattended. Ignorance makes people think to maintain only the body and its mind. Materialism and ego deludes people to think of themselves as fleshy animals, brains and blood with a national identity and a body adorned with brand name clothing, push-up bras and the lot—their selves, the spirit, is forgotten.

What is spiritual energy therapy?

Spiritual therapy starts with a diagnosis of energy flow in the various chakras. Your therapist would want to know about some lifestyle, mind and body-health issues that may impact, or be impacted by, your spiritual energy. Sometimes, questionnaires are used to assist in diagnosis.

Your aura energy is assessed. How far the aura energy extends, and the quality of the energy at certain areas. Aura energy is different around the body and is of diagnostic importance.
Spiritual therapy is aided by increased awareness of issues, if any.

Human spirits have seven spiritual minds, chakras, that are each tuned into a different spiritual energy frequency (of sorts).

For the spirit to be in good health, each chakra mind must be finely tuned, must send and receive its proper frequencies in clear energy without interruptions. This area is the focus of spiritual therapy.
Pneumatherapeutic tonics are often used to keep a particular chakra tuned and boost its energy output. This brings about spiritual homeostasis, and healing.

Spiritual exercise and ‘nutrition’ is advised where required.

Energy flows can be corrected when “congested” (to use an incorrect term) by means of Prana therapies that resemble Reiki.

In more serious cases, when a spirit is troubled or its health and fidelity is compromised by external influences, we may call on powerful spiritual forces (angels, gods, deities, or whatever names people use in different traditions) to help. These therapies are mostly very successful, and sometimes require follow-up visits. We understand these spiritual entities to be those often named as the Holy Spirit, the World Saviour, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Quanyin, Guanyin), for example.

Chakra balancing and chakra energy restoration

Technically, chakras are not balanced and do not go out of balance. A better term for westerners to describe what we do with Reiki and Prana Therapy would be, tuning and energizing chakras. We re-tune chakras that are not working optimally.

There are many reasons why chakras go out of tune (tune as is radio, or a television channel). The main reason why a chakra goes out of tune is because it is giving almost all of its energy to prevent a crisis in the human body or mind. It maintains only certain aspects of a sick human body, or it is helping the mind to deal with unhappiness, depression, lack of focus, delusion, lack of purpose, and whatnot. The chakra’s energies are needed by the organic body to produce a particular frequency of energy. This neglects the other frequencies that the chakra is supposed generate and feed to the soul, spirit and human body. Chakras are adept at this and recover quickly when the body or mind is healed of acute conditions. However, when chronic, the chakra can somehow sort-of “get stuck’ in that rut, tired, often depleting and in need of help.