Spiritual Energy Diagnosis and Therapy

What is spiritual energy

There is an energy that runs through the sub-atomic matter of all of creation. That energy directs all the minute parts in creation by telling it how to behave to function perfectly, as Creation intended. That is the energy we work with. Some call it Prana, some call it Qi, some just say Universal Energy.

The human spirit is a creature, we are spiritual beings (temporarily incarnated, on Earth). Our Father in Heaven is the wisest, most senior spiritual being known to humankind, also a created being, yet, a god to us. It is this energy that makes us our spiritual bodies, that we work with in pneumatherapy.

Spiritual energy is absolutely not part of the Earthly electromagnetic energy spectrum; it has nothing to do with the gross energies of the three dimensional worlds. Therefore, if anyone claims to be able to take a photograph or ‘scan’ of the spirit, or claims to actually see (with her/his eyes) a chakra or soul or spiritual energy, s/he is misinformed or is misleading.

Spiritual energy can be sensed by souls, can be directed (to an extent) by another spirit, but it cannot yet be recorded by three-dimensional world tools.

We can sense the presence of the Divine in all things when our heart chakras are trained to do so. We can sense the presence of spiritual beings (the Lord, angels, deva, devata, etc.) and we can communicate (or at least receive communication) from them when we have tuned our chakra receivers on their spiritual energy frequencies.

How are diagnoses of spiritual energy done

Your therapist is trained and equipped to sense your spiritual energy, often called your aura or chakra energies.

Therapists may use tools to help direct their sensing, but these tools are almost always simple, crude, devices that serve only to help the therapist to interpret things. I use a pendulum when convenient I had to work in a train, or (heck I hope never) in a bus I would use something else. Who or what moves the pendulum? Well, we are trained to not work with our own spiritual energy but with that of the client/patient and his/her angel or the spiritual presence of a spiritual being who cares about the healing of the patient. This is often rather intense for the therapist.

Therapists use several techniques, in succession, and compares the results with your own observations.

Relationship with the therapist plays a major role. Therapists are trained to step into relationship with your spiritual energy field, but if you relax and make your energies available, things go smoother and the therapeutic process is most effective.

How do I prepare for a spiritual energy therapy session?

Pneumatherapists do not make use of invasive techniques (needles, scalpels, insertions, or anywhere near genitalia, etc.). However, for the benefit of German, American and Canadian clients (who are the most touch-paranoid people on earth), please note that it is often necessary for someone to touch you in a therapeutic way.

You must mention if you are under the influence of drugs like alcohol or mind-altering medications, or drugs. More often than not, such a condition complicates matters.

Remove, or do not wear amulets, metals or jewelry of any nature. Some elements may have an effect of the interpretation of energy fields in and around the spiritual energy centers.

Relax, be yourself and share, share with your therapist. Your interaction with the therapist plays a big role in interpretation and understanding of your energies.

Why should you have your spiritual energy diagnosed and maintained?

People wash, feed and exercise their physical bodies because it is good stewardship and one must do due diligence maintenance on it.

You are not your physical body. It is on a temporary loan to you. You are an ancient spiritual being, your body is made of spiritual energy and you have several spiritual “organs” in a manner of speaking. To maintain, exercise and feed your true self, your ancient body, is the responsible thing to do. It just makes natural sense.

Spiritual energy problems can lead to mental problems and/or physical ailments.

On the other hand, mental problems and/or physical ailments often negatively impact spiritual health because the spirit is working overtime, often for years, to try and maintain the soul and physical body to make the most of this reincarnation opportunity.