What is mantra meditation?

A mantra is a word or phrase repeated over and over again during meditation. Mantras are spiritual or sacred in nature, and designed to both uplift and keep you focused during meditation.

Our minds are active and not easy to still. Our minds’ activity can be compared to that of a young child demanding attention or a little monkey that is all over the place. The mantra sounds may be chanted out loud, repeated by using no sound, or may be heard internally. Mantras chanted internally is the ‘inner sound’ of your thoughts and these thoughts are used to focus our minds on the meditation.

Mantra meditation gives your mind/brain something to do, keeps it active, yet focused. Now you can focus on your heart, opening up your heart and reaching out to a higher spiritual level of meditation.

Time and Cost

  • How long does it take: 30-45 min (+ 60 min when combined with Karman Meditation starting at 08:00 )
  • When:  Tuesday to Saturday at 09:00
  • Where: Siem Reap, Wayist Spiritual Energy Center – see Location & Contact
  • Cost*: $4 / session. Week/month passes available.