Karman Meditation in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Karman Meditation is an ancient active meditation to strengthen and heal the body, reset soul mind to face the day and envigorate the chakras and spiritual energies. With movements of self-awareness you work with the Chakras, YinYang energies, the Aura and Prana (Universal Energy / Qi) inside and all around us. During Karman Meditation you focus on compassion, simplicity and humility, understanding the Way things are, in harmony with all living beings around us.  

Use Karman Meditation to

  • Benefit spiritually, physically and mentally
  • Strengthen muscles, tendons and joints
  • Energize meridians, chakras, and aura
  • Improved energy flow and vitality
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Rejuvenate self-worth and relationships
  • Rejuvenate loving-kindness

Karman Meditation will help you

  • Energize and maintain your energy flow throughout the day
  • Reduce fatigue, both physical and emotional
  • Improved flow of energy increases brain alertness and improve memory
  • Reduce stress
  • Help to reduce symptoms of common ailments
  • Take personal responsibility for understanding your body

Karman Meditation is mindful in that body movements are expressions of particular meditations and mental conditioning that we reinforce. Prana, YinYang energies and Chakras are harnessed as we condition our minds to greater awareness of the oneness of all. Karman Meditation reinforce positive thinking patterns, attitudes and mental states. 

Followed by Heart Sutra Mantra Meditation 45 min (free/optional) 

Time and Cost

  • How long does it take: 60 min (or 100 min with Mantra Meditation)
  • When:  Monday to Saturday at 08:00
  • Cost: $5 session. Week/month passes available.
  • Where: Siem Reap, Wayist Spiritual Energy Center – see Location & Contact
  • NOTE:  Mantra Meditiation if free/optional with Karman Meditation