Certified Karman Meditation Instructor

IAWO keeps track of qualified Karman Meditation professional instructors. 

How to qualify as instructor:

1.  Do the theoretical coursework, as well as familiarize oneself with Karman Meditation before going for the physical training. This cuts down on about 50% of time required to get certification training.

2.  The Karman certification can be done online, requiring much self-discipline and study.  Throughout one’s studies, videos of progress will be submitted to ensure a high standard.

3.  Minimum of 60 hours training with a certified coaching trainer is required. NOTE: We have “bootcamp-style” meditation retreat workshops in Siem Reap, Cambodia that accomplish this over 10 days.  This ‘bootcamp-style’ workshop can also be done in one week if coursework has been done before going for the physical training and certification.

Certified instructors lead groups and individuals in four different techniques of specialized meditation. Our instructors commit to lifelong learning and continued education. They have access to our regularly updated database of instructional material, music and courses.

Karman Meditation also has specialized regimes that were built on these foundations.  These regimes are not used for general purposes and are mostly used by people on retreat, or in sangha / monastic setting for specialized training. This does not mean that the general (non-monastic) population misses out on “enlightenment opportunities” because only a select few have access to secret teaching, it is not like that at all. These regimes are used to train devotees who want to teach, counsel and train others and therefore need different skills, tools and wider knowledge to work with a wider audience. Karman Meditation instructors’ training include the specialized regimes.

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