We do Soul Energy Therapy

We do Soul Energy Therapy


Jean du Plessis is a professional pneumatologist, and well known author of books on spirituality East and West. Jean is our resident therapist in Siem Reap, Cambodia.soul field and aura healing in Siem Reap by Jean du Plessis author and pneumatologist


A soul, is a subtle energy body that consists of live energy matter and organs of different types. We are souls. We are ancient, and we have had many opportunities to incarnate (in-carnate: to go into flesh).

A human body, is an organic body that consists of live organic matter and organs of different types. If you are reading this, then you are a soul presently incarnated in a human body. Human bodies are wondrous, yet they are fragile and do not last very long.

The link between human body and the soul, is the human body-mind. The human mind is a subtle energy organ generated by the human brain. It’s lifespan and efficacy relies to the health and life of the brain. Body-minds try to deal with human experiences before the resulting wisdom is passed over to be permanently stored in soul minds.

Soul Energy Therapy analyzes soul energies (often called, auras, kundalini, etc.) to determine whether conditions of the physical body, or human mind, negatively impact on one’s soul development-diagnosis. Treatment involves corrective actions, which may involve chakra meditation and healing in Cambodia therapistnatural therapies, lifestyle changes, mental re-programming, physical interventions, and counselling.

Therapists can intervene in energy flows to some extent but this is not a long-lasting solution, and also it is not the purpose of this therapeutic discipline.

What do we see?

Captured in our four soul-minds (4 lower chakras) is the essence of who we are, as individuals. We are the culmination of many lifetimes of experiences. Our soul’s energies create the ‘picture’ of what we ‘look’ like to other soul and spiritual beings. From a human perspective, looking at a soul it to see who we really are—the real person.

Infrared imaging soul energy healing pneumatology at Wayism center for spirituality

However, we need to explain that we do not really see, we sense. A large percentage of therapists ‘see’ auras most of the time when they are in therapeutic mode. Nevertheless, because auras change as soul moods change, the visible aura is not the most reliable diagnostic tool. We do make use of Infrared thermal imaging scans sensitive to 0.10 Celcius for certain tests. The scans on left shows before and after treatment–a pleasing result.

Infrared thermography spiritual chakra aura therapy

thermography spiritual counselling diagnosticsWe have to run energy tests making use of various techniques. We do cross checks and double checks to finally get the full picture of the complex, multi-layered person you are. A diagnostic session may have the look / feel of a combination of reiki, psychoanalysis, aromatherapy and touch therapies (massage / acupressure / reflexology).

Just for interest sake–notice the breast scan on right, development of tumours in the left breast. Tumors demand increased blood flow and manifest a negative energy that a good therapist usually pics up. Please–we are not medical doctors and we do not do medical diagnoses. We will make you aware of issues if we notice them, but we are not medical practitioners.

More About Kundalini Energy Therapy

FYI. The term “Chakra Alignment” is a western misnomer that leads to popular misconceptions—exploited mostly in western cultures. Chakras are the minds of your soul body. They cannot go out of alignment, like a car’s wheels for example. You have seven major chakras one above the other. Chakras can be overworked, can become burdened with trauma, and may need help like any mind–but they cannot go out of alignment. 

What is the ancient art of Soul Energy Therapy?

energy and healing sessionTrained pneumatologists, practice the ancient art of soul energy healing.

Chakra therapy and prana / qi therapy, are aspects of the wider discipline. Reiki healing is a small part of this. We make use of various techniques to examine the energy flow through the subtle body and its chakras, for diagnostic purposes.

A successful diagnosis highlights several factors that disturb the health of soul. These factors may be related to mental attitude, culturally conditioned thinking, emotional ‘baggage’, physical anomaly or posture habits, dietary matters or persistent exposure to environmental factors that negatively impact one’s health of soul.

In summary: A pneumatologist investigates one’s soul energies to make a diagnosis of body, mind and soul issues that may require your attention. These conditions may impact soul development if not addressed.

One cannot “align” subtle-body energies to cure a soul, but one can often remove factors that negatively impact soul health of soul.chakras and colors

What can I expect during a Spiritual Therapy session?

Siem Reap Wayist Center therapy sessions are usually 45 to 60 minutes. Sometimes, it is possible to conduct more than one sessions per day.

A session may have the look-feel of a combination of Reiki, Psychoanalysis, Aromatherapy and touch therapies (massage /acupressure / reflexology).

Will I feel better after a session?

Patients usually experience a feeling of wellness after a treatment, because of several factors. However, the sense of well-being is often a temporary symptomatic relief, because the root problem(s) lies deeper and needs long-term attention. Nevertheless, once a root problem is identified, patients can usually continue along the healing path without the direct assistance of a therapist. The therapist’s task is to enable the patient on healing path.

Aura fields around the human bodyCan a root problem(s) be identified in one session?

It is not uncommon to identify a priority root issue in one session. However, the human body/mind/psyche interplay is very complex, and multi-layered.

Do I need knowledge of soul energies and technical terms, for this to work?

It is not required to have prior knowledge. You will however learn along the way because knowledge will empower you on the healing and maintenance path. You will learn about, or more about, concepts like prana, soul and spirit, body-mind and soul-minds, chakras, kundalini, sushumna, nadis, aura, how reincarnation and karma challenge your soul development and what you can do about it, and more.

Have your chakras re-energized, balanced and all minor chakras checked and tuned and a full aura scan to correct any imbalanaces you may have.

One stumbling block for patient and therapist alike, is when a patient has incorrect knowledge—an issue mostly prevalent among westerners.

What is the fee for a Chakra Therapy session at Siem Reap Wayist Center?