Pneumatherapeutic Medicines

Based in Cambodia where the finest Holy Lotus (Nelumbo Nuciferis) grows naturally, and with ease of access to northern India, we manufacture spiritual therapy tinctures in accordance with our ancient tradition.

Tinctures are prepared from several plants; each part of the plant is prepared in a separate distinctively different process.

Therapeutic products are made by combining particular parts of different plants in correct ratios.

A main constituent of almost every soma is nelumbo nucifera, the sacred lotus—we build upon this base. 

Soma Entheogen and Chakra Energy Healing

Various of the somas that we make are aimed at healing chakra maladies, or at supporting chakras in difficult times.

Chakras are who we are, they are our soul and spiritual minds. Collectively, the energy of all the chakras constitute the aura, the spiritual energy field that inhabits the human body from time to time.

Each of the six chakras below the Crown are responsible for particular specialties, and operate within a particular “bandwidth” of spiritual energy. We do not here refer to energy in the electromagnetic spectrum, we are talking about spiritual energy.

Each chakra tincture and associated remedy works within the sphere of influence and spectrum pertaining to a particular chakra.

Book your consultation for chakra energy diagnosis & entheogenic prescription

  • Chakra Energy Diagnosis includes confirmation that the prescribed Entheogen is effective for your specific Chakra energy needs (Chakra energies are assessed shortly after taking the prescribed Entheogen).
  • Includes 2 x 120ml Entheogen as per your Chakra energy needs.


Soma Entheogenic Orders

For most entheogens, maximum 120ml per client per week

* Complex Somas may contain up to eleven different plants and plant parts.

All Soma Entheogens for medicinal use go through a lengthy manufacturing process that involves timely collection, sacred preparation, maturing, marriage and extraction. Therefore, we sell only from inventory and cannot take large bulk orders or “rush jobs”. Please don’t ask.


 Are Wayist Soma entheogens safe to use?

Soma is by definition an alcohol based solution of compounded plant extracts. If you are allergic to alcohol, Wayist therapeutic and ritual Somas will be unsafe to use.

Our Soma has been in use for more than two thousand years. Responsible use of Soma has never harmed anyone. Ritual use is administered and monitored by well trained and experienced spiritual guides.