Human biome and soul energy cure

Cambodian Human biota treatments stimulate immune mechanisms to maintain gut homeostasis and general health

Cambodians live simple life with less toxins and more natural bacterial and human biota defences than any other Asian nation.

Microbes are carefully harvested from healthy certified individuals and transferred to the patient.

This happens on-site.

No freezing or drying or transport of microbes is allowed.

Almost all human microbes will die when in contact with oxygen or light.

For that reason, we do on-site, real-time transfers.

Donors are carefully selected, medically screened.

Treatments are for skin, mouth, small intestine, colon, vaginal and anal. You order what you need.
治疗适用于皮肤,口腔,小肠,结肠,阴道和肛门。 你订购了你需要的东西。

We guarantee confidentiality and privacy.

Patient can see the donor.

Receive the healthy bacteria, immunity and body chemistry of strong, healthy Cambodian donors.

Reports claim that they were cured from high blood pressure, ulcers, irratable bowel syndrome, bloating, low sex drive, impotence, vaginal dryness and atrophy, loss of energy, mental problems, depression, skin problems and low immune system.

Our treatment is unique and suitable for everyone.
Our therapist Dr. Jean du Plessis (PnD, DDiv) is very qualified. Dr. Jean is not a doctor. He is a soul energy therapist, a spiritual energy therapist and a spiritual tradition teacher. He is a famous spiritual energy therapist in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada and the United States. He is the author of several books and training courses.


我们的治疗师Jean du Plessis博士(PnD,DDiv)非常合格。 Jean博士不是医生,他是一个灵魂能量治疗师,精神能量治疗师和精神传统的老师。 他是香港,越南,加拿大和美国着名的精神能量治疗师。 他是几本书籍和培训课程的作者。

Happy people generally don’t get sick. Happy people have healthier genes. If we share their deep energy and biota, young, healthy, happy people can heal us.
快乐的人一般不会生病。 快乐的人有更健康的基因。 如果我们分享他们的深层能量和生物群,年轻,健康,快乐的人可以治愈我们。

This is not a medical procedure. No needles and no medications. We are not medical professionals. We can not tell if a therapy is safe for you, or if it will work for you. You must decide. Speak to your doctor.
这不是医疗程序。 没针,也没有药物。 我们不是医疗专业人士。 我们无法判断一种疗法对您是否安全,或者它是否适合您。 你必须决定。 跟你的医生说。

Our therapy makes you share in the microbe health of a carefully selected, clean, healthy young Cambodian woman or man.

Therapy is available for entire body, inside and out. Therapy is also available for only the gut, or the skin, or vagina.
整个身体,内部和外部都可以使用治疗。 治疗也仅适用于肠道,皮肤或阴道。

For sexual health, we suggest therapy for the entire body.

For low energy and depression, the only therapy is for entire body immune system booster.

No chemicals. No medicine.
没有化学品。 没有西药。

Full soul energy healing is performed. Negative energies are removed. Clean, positive energy is restored. All chakras are balanced.
完成灵魂能量疗法。 消除负能量。 清洁,积极的能量回收。 所有的脉轮都是平衡的。

We can prepare certain remedies for patients to take home with them. Human biome infused remedies are used when required. Every remedy is unique.
我们可以为患者准备一些补救措施,带回家。 在需要时使用人类生物群落注入的补救措施。 每种补救措施都是独一无二


Can only be made through an appointment. No appointment, we can’t treat anyone. We also need to carefully prepare donors before then.
只能通过预约。 没有约会,我们不能对待任何人。 我们还需要在此之前仔细准备捐助者。

Instructions how to prepare for an appointment is given when appointment is sceduled.

Our therapies take several hours. Plan to spend almost one full day at our clinic.
You need to prepare before appointment. Live very clean for three days after appointment.

我们的治疗需要几个小时。 我计划在诊所度过将近一整天的时间。
您需要在预约前做好准备。 预约后保持清洁三天。

#1. Standard Therapy: USD $980
Standard biota transfer therapy includes energy therapy and careful transfer of the type of biome you choose. All types of biomes are included in the price, but you decide what you don’t need.

#1. 标准治疗:980美元

标准生物群系转移疗法包括能量治疗以及您选择的生物群系类型的仔细转移。 所有类型的生物群系都包含在价格中,但您决定了您不需要的东西。

#2. Deep Cleansing Infusion: USD $1,860
Some customers need the most thorough treatment in four days. The soul energy is restored. Qi deficiency is cured. Body is cleaned inside and outside to release toxins and old energy.
Then, over two days, from two different donors, the healthy biota is transferred into the body during four sessions. Plus the final test and observation of the day.

#2. 深层清洁输液 : 1,860美元

有些客户需要在四天内获得最彻底的治疗。 灵魂能量得到恢复。 气虚治愈。 内部和外部清洁身体以释放毒素和旧能量。
然后,在两天内,来自两个不同的捐赠者,健康的生物群将在四个疗程期间转移到身体。 加上第二天的最终测试和观察。

Please note: Above therapies involve professional bare skin touch, light rubbing with oil and fluids, and depending on your selection may involve specialised small enema. Female staff are present but the therapist is male.

#3. For soul healing and Qi and mental energy healing only, the standard rate is $60 and time is 1 hour.

#3. 仅用于灵魂治疗和气虚和精神能量治疗,标准费用为60美元,时间为1小时。