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Improve Your Life

As a being of SOUL, MIND and BODY, you can be complete, happy, healthy, and succesful in relationships only when the Soul is well maintained and nurtured. You, the soul being, have traversed many lifetimes and you have lived through ages that shaped your identity. To not be a mere product of the environment created in your mind during this lifetime, you simply HAVE to get in touch with your spiritual self.

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Increased Spiritual Energy Awareness

Spiritual awareness guards  the mind and body, maintains your sense of self, health and happiness.

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Learn Spiritual Skills

An empowered spiritual mind in the soul contributes to physical homeostasis and mental health. You can learn to be in control. Soul maintenance is just as necessary as brushing your teeth is for body maintenance. Connect with your spiritual helper beings, connect with the Source. We all do this, but here you can learn to wilfully practise this essential life skill.

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Benefit From Spiritual Energy Therapies

Get in touch with your spiritual guides, find your spiritual path and become aware of your wholeness as an integrated human person. Prana is the ancient medicine of spiritual energy healing. Pneumatherapies are the most extensive, holistic, spiritual energy therapies known to humankind.

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Enjoy Spiritual Energy Retreats

For a life-changing experience, attend a spiritual energy retreat to learn all about your soul minds, who you are, your strong points. Learn how to heal, and work with your soul energies. Learn a new worldview that will change the way you see everything. Learn how to find joy and beauty in life and relationships.

Know More
Get rid of depression, addiction and obsessive thoughts.

Own Your Happiness

Come and experience true happiness, and learn how to own it. Happiness is a skill and a decision. It is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing, and success in all relationships internal and external, physical, emotional, romantic, familial and professional.


The indigenous spirituality of the Cambodians is as intense and beautiful as the spiritual energy that ran through Angkor Wat. For the seeker of spirituality, much is to be gained from the spiritual energy of Angkor Wat, Cambodia as the center is located on important spiritual energy ley-lines, part of highly active energy votices. We invite you to come say 'Hi,' relax in our gardens and feel the difference.
Looking for things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia? Other than visiting the spectacular Ankor Wat temple complex, often what comes to mind are the parties and 50cent beers, visits to the floating villages, bicycle treks, zip lines and more. 
The Wayist Spiritual Energy Centers are located at very important spiritual energy destinations, where you will find a hidden spiritual dimension not available to most people. Your spiritual guidance brings you to discover hidden secrets like our Wayist Centers - not without a reason. We are the right people to show the Way.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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About Wayist Spiritual Energy Treatments

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Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

Based of ancient Yogic foundations, our spiritual wellness modality came into prominence in the 1st century. It was practised in East and West, and by the 2nd century major schools were establsihed in Taxila (Himalayas), South India (Kerala) and the Gulf area (Mesopotamia). These are skills transferred from Jesus to mari Magdalene, from where Reiki came (20th century), from where Ayurveda and modern massage was born. 

As far as we know, our modality, Pneumatherapy, is still the only wellness modality that does a fully comprehensive spiritual energy audit and diagnosis of all elements of the holistic person. We treat the soul, we retune the energies. You are the soul. You are the essence of you. In this life, and for a brief time, you use the mind and body you you have now. Those things will persish and grow sick and old (its the nature of biological life to perish), but the soul continues.

The soul has seven mind centers, and it is exceptionally powerful force. If you don't yet use it to manage your body and program your mind, you are missing the purpose of your life. 

We will help you to integrate your soul energies with your body and mind, put you back in charge of your life, your healing, your happiness and success.

Treatments And Services

We offer a wide variety of spiritual energy wellness treatments

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Know Your Karma


We use the unique "Soul - Chakra Personality Assessment "TM developed by spirituality author and teacher Jean du Plessis.

Learn more about your soul condition. What was the souls path up to now, what are the major challenges that lie ahead on the way forward. What are your spiritual priorities?

This comprehensive spiritual energy survey is to understand your present-day chakras, qi, yinyang energy, and much more. Reiki-Prana-Chakra balancing and energy therapy included.
Includes a free PDF 20-30 page analysis of your personal soul energy. Get to know your soul personality.


(FREE mala / prayer beads)

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Discover the awareness-creating and spiritual healing benefits of Prana Chakra & Spiritual Energy therapy.
If you know of Reiki, this will blow your mind, it is just so much more advanced.

We do "Chakra Balancing" with a professional pneumatherapeutic difference.

Feel rejuvenated and spiritually charged!


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Full Energy Diagnosis

Diagnosis is the foundation of spiritual healing therapy

Pneumatherapy is still the most comprehensive spiritual-clinical diagnostic procedure in the world.

We test all chakras, dhamani (meridians), yin and yang energy flow, hara zones of the feet and abdomen (reflex pressure points), prana and aura field, and Ayurvedic constitution, and more.

Collected data is correlated to determine the soul's energy levels and synchronicity with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions.
Additionally, a graphic report is emailed to you after the session

Consider this full soul energy profile, or book a package (below) that includes this foundation.


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Dhatri Therapy

Dhatri integrates your soul energies (from chakras) with your Dhamani (meridians) and your organic body and its mind computer.

Dhatri is the most powerful Prana therapy. It involves full body touch therapy, Marma point therapy, and exceptionally powerful prana flow through your integrated holistic being.

Plan on two hours in-and-out.

Ask a therapist if Dhatri is right for you

Entheogenic Medications

Ancient recipes based on Lotus plant tinctures provide us with entheogenic medications used to strengthen the energies in particular chakras.

Ritual use of entheogenics is described in the Rig Veda, probably 1,500 BCE. Soma is an integral part of our spiritual healing tradition.

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Wayist pneumatherapy entheogenic medicines for spiritual energy

Is it time to show your soul some love?

Spiritual Energy Retreats & Workshops

Our retreats in Cambodia are 6-days of rather intensive (08:00 to 17:00) spiritual learning, energy therapies, excursions and different meditation styles.

No one ever left one of our retreats without having learned a LOT about the makeup of the soul, and how to better manage soul energies, relationships and physical and mental wellbeing.

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Little Gallery of Beautiful Souls

We are real people, who help real people.

As Professionals, we enjoy what we do

Discover yourself.    Reinvent yourself

Be liberated from cultural programming,
mind traps and childhood issues. 

Even past-life issues form part of the environment that make you who you are today.
Souls are not static beings.
We grow, mature, change...you should not be stuck in this mindset and health-related condition all of this life.

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Keep In Touch

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Our beautiful center offer humble, simple and a soothing spiritual environment.

Join our retreats, workshops, and attend the spiritual energy clinics. Book now!

Become a Pneumatherapist

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If you are interested in a career in spiritual healing, then Pneumatherapy is the responsible professional choice. Excellent standards of training and intensive internship prepare the pneumatherapist for her professional career.

Visit PrajnaParamita School of Pneumatherapy for more information.
This school is IAP (International Association of Pneumapathy) certified. Certified pneumatherapists have access to state-of-the-art online diagnostic tools, supervision and up to date databases of therapeutic solutions.

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About Wayist Centers

If you are looking for a wholesome vacation, or things to do in Siem Reap then Wayist Center are a must visit. With over twenty years experience in spiritual energy work, our certified pneumatherapists are dedicated to provide you with the highest level of spiritual energy diagnostics and therapies. Each treatment and package is customised and tailored to your personal needs.


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