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Welcome to Siem Reap's spiritual healing center.

Wayist Center for Spirituality is a day-retreat that offers free access to the meditation garden. 
Our Siem Reap center is home to well known author and pneumatologist, Jean P. du Plessis. Jean is visited by clients from all over the world for alternative healing sessions, and spirituality training. 
  • Soul Energy (chakra and kundalinini work) healing sessions are available six days per week
  • Individual counselling and therapy sessions are available five days per week
If you are planning a visit to Siem Reap, book your therapeutic sessions in advance to guarantee availablitity of Jean's time and the resources of support staff. You can do bookings by email, or by phone. We are on Viber and Google Hangouts for the benefit of international clients who prefer to not make long-distance calls.
Our intimate center is located in one of the serene spots in town, on the north side of Siem Reap River, only 2km from the Old Market (Pub Street).

We are surrounded by excellent accommodations, ranging from $60 to $300 per night withing easy walking distance from the center. Closer to town, nice guest house and boutique accomodations start at $30 per night.

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