Spiritual Healing in SE Asia

Why all the suffering?: A perspective of Spiritual Healing

Therapeutic Contemplations

People fly in from all over the world to attend our center in Siem Reap. Due to the nature of what we do, we are blessed to share amazing moments of joy and ecstasy with clients who become very good friends. We are blessed to meet so many good people who spiritually awake. There is also another side of our work, and that is many of the people we speak of here arrived in deep suffering from pains that range from emotional to mental to physical and spiritual. Many come here to heal a cancer, a broken heart, broken childhood, seek reprieve from things that break them up inside, so many had broken souls and devastated lives. We hear stories of bad caregivers, bad doctors, bad medicine, desperation, angst, bad spiritual healers, financial hardship, and more. Many, just come because they are sick and tired of the rat race that drives people crazy and makes them sick.

Although healings take place almost every day at our center, and there is a lot of joy and beauty in the air, one cannot escape the fact that much suffering precedes the visit to our center. More suffering than one soul can bear, suffering that makes one humble.

Often, the question comes up, "why all this suffering, can there be a purpose for it?"

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Here are some of the meditations we like to use at our Spiritual Energy Healing Center to help our clients connect to, and maintain the connection to, the Divine Source. 


Prana flows into you as sunshine flows into trees.

 - Jean duPlessis


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Your soul energy healer and your gynecologist

Our spiritual energy healing center allows walk-ins during times when we do not have retreats. Lately, we have seen an increasing number of people come in to the center shortly after they had been for therapy in spas, and of those people all had broken energies, blocked chakras. This does not mean that therapists in those establishment all break the energies of all their clients, but rather that some of their clients feel terrible after treatment and come to us for a 2nd opinion, for help.

Some clients come in while they are busy with a week-long therapeutic regime in an expensive spa. This is a problem for us (and the client) because one should never have two therapeutic regimes going at the same time. Therefore, we ask that they come back after the therapy, if they still feel that something is wrong. Again, this is not to say that all or most spas are doing a bad job.

What this means is simply that not everyone who hangs out a shingle on the door that says s/he is a spiritual energy therapist is well trained and is any good. One should be very, very careful when deciding whom to allow access to one's most intimate inner parts of the Self.

What is more intimate, the energy that is your absolute and eternal essence--your soul body, or the organic body that you occupy at present?

What is more intimate, for a healer to put her hand into one of your soul minds (chakras) and change the way it works, or for a healer to put a hand into the vagina of the organic body that you occupy at present?

What is more intimate, the food that you take into yourself at a dodgy restaurant on Pub Street in Siem Reap, or the soul and mind energy that you take into yourself while spending time with dodgy people?

Recently one of my students allowed an untrained friend to "work" on her chakra energies. Both got ill. My student was trained in protecting herself, but she thought her good friend is a safe bet. The good friend was not trained in using only Divine energy and she inadvertently did an energy exchange, which made both of them sick. Not that either one of them had "bad energy", but their energies were incompatible. Like getting a blood transfusion, but of the wrong type, it will make you sick.

Take care. Energy work is a most intimate intervention in one’s life. Pick your gynaecologist carefully, and take more care when you decide on a spiritual energy worker.

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