Workshops on Yoga Philosophy

Every Yoga Instructor must know Yogi Philosophy, the foundation and reference for all things Yoga.

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This workshop takes you through every aspect of the philosophy behind the Yoga tradition.

You just don't have to be ignorant of this beautiful philosophy any more.

Teachers owe it to their students to be up to speed on what they teach--and now you can accomplish this very easily. We have put together a course that takes guarantees you will know what you are talking about next time the subject of Yoga comes up.

Yogi Philosophy started with the Upanishadic era about 500BCE and was expounded, in depth, in the Bhagavad Gita about 2,000 years ago. We learn about Gnani(jnana), Bhakti, Karma and Raja Yoga. About 1,000 year ago Patanjali wrote a treatise on the how and why of Yoga Asanas (postures and stretching exercises), part of the Hatha Yoga tradition.

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This workshop earns a Certificate of Accomplishment used by Yoga Instructors for certification. Display it in your studio.

Teacher: Jean du Plessis has been a student of Yogi Philosophy for nearly four decades. He has earned academic degrees in this direction and has studied under great teachers and philosophers in India and in the West. Jean has been teaching and writing on these topics for more than two decades. You will find his teaching style refreshing, light, yet challenging to your logical mind.

3 hours +


pre-registration required



Ask us about the advanced courses and one-on-one instruction in Yogic Philosophy Retreats. 


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