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This tour concentrates on the fascinating spirituality of King Jayavarman VII. Who built more than a hundred hospitals, hundreds of roadside shrines and bridges, instituted cambodian smiling buddha avalokitesvararesources for widows, built reading schools and centres for arts and skills learning. 

He followed a personal mysticsm, a syncretic mixture of Hinduism and a particular Mahayana Buddhist outlook rooted in the Sukhavati tradition. This mixture is not unique, it is similar to that of Tibet and several other countries of the time. It is however unique in the impact it made on his Kingdom. What it has done for the Khmer people, is still in their hearts, or genes if you will.


Even though Theravada had to adopt some of the World Saviour elements, it remains different to what Theravada would teach, and what Hinduism could give the Khmer—but it is now part of the fiber of the Cambodian psyche. Or were the Khmer partial to a natural spirituality of simplicity, humility and compassion--and for that reason the good King installed this particular spirituality of The Way of Life?

bodhisattva avalokiteshvara in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Our tour spends time at the Bayon, and a few smaller, lesser-known temples in and around Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat / Angkor Thom complex, to observe and discuss the spirituality of the Angkor Empire. We look at things from a different angle, as we uncover a new, improved understanding of spirituality in Angkor Empire, and its lasting effects.

This is NOT an alternative, or replacement tour of the major temple complex

This tour can be extended to cover other, outlying temples important to this view of ancient Cambodia. This extension includes the fascinating Koh Ker and Meliea temples, but adds and additional day because it involves a 70km drive to reach the outlying temples. Talk to us, we can work with you.


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