Job opportunities in the Siem Reap center for spiritualitity

Paid volunteer jobs with accommodation (2) (see below)

Full time Khmer/English speaker job

Full time housekeeping and domestic worker job

Alternative healing, energy worker therapeutic assistant (training available, not a paying position) (1)



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 (Trainee Wellness Worker, full time)

Contact Adéle to setup an interview. 

Commitment - One-month probation. Six-month contract, renewable. 

Job description - Trainee spiritual energy therapist. You will be co-responsible for general running of the center, local and internet marketing. The job requires learning, people skills, initiative and willingness to do general work, as in “whatever it takes to run the center”.

A typical day may involve general cleaning, receiving clients, working with hotels and referral sources, making bookings, running an errand, and assisting therapies. You will learn to assist (and later do it on your own) Prana therapy, chakra therapy, meridian therapy, holistic massage, reflexology, karman meditation, and more.

Hours: 07:30 to 17:30 with 1-hour lunch. Hours may change depending on activities of  Center.  Flexible hours required because sometimes we guide reteat clients on early morning excursions to Temples, and for emergency reasons.

Remuneration: $150 per month. 

Skills Minimum Requirement

  • Interest in, and awareness of spiritual energy
  • Personable and inspiring trust
  • Good conversational English
  • Internet and Social Media knowledge
  • Ability to learn and then communicate basic concepts about world religions and spirituality
  • Spirituality is important to you. We are not a religious center and do not advance a particular religion.
  • You WANT to work-live in a spirituality-type environment 
  • No drug habit
  • Aged 25-45



Tel / Text : 077-804-814

Siem Reap, Cambodia



#64 Wayism Road, Slo Kram Commune, Treang Village.
North on River Road, between pagodas AunKoSa and AunKoSe. 2km from Pub Street.

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