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Wayist Spiritual Energy Wellness Center in Siem Reap was started in January 2014. It is earmarked to become an important training center for PrajnaParamita School of Pneumatherapy to serve the international community in training of Prana Healers and Spiritual Healers.

The centre provides healing and learning opportunities in several spiritual disciplines. Stop by to benefit from the skills of expert healers, or join us for a spiritual energy retreat. Karman (active) Meditation and Heart Sutra Mantra Meditation are offered 5 days a week, do join us. .

Karman Meditation instructors have the option to receive their training and certification as trainers at the Centre.

The Centre in Siem Reap is also 2nd home to the well-known author and teacher of spirituality, Jean P du Plessis, who personally conducts some exclusive seminars, workshops and advanced spiritual counselling and healing sessions. Fascilitators at the centre are well qualified healers with solid academic qualifications and years of spiritual training.

About Wayism (in brief)

Spend a week on retreat with us and you would probably not know that we like Wayism. We are well versed in most of the spiritualities on Earth. We have no need to sell our point of view to anyone.

Wayism is a non-proselytizing spirituality movement; meaning that we have no desire or motive to try and convert anyone to our way of belief or lifestyle. Wayists are service oriented, on the Bodhisattva path--we make positive contributions to our community, and live happy, full and authentic lives. For almost 2,000 years one would find Wayists in Buddhist monasteries, Daoist monasteries, Christian seminaries, Yogic Ashrams and in ancient Church of the East, and in secular non-religious life. We are rooted in ancient Upanishadic and Daoist Traditions. We have a special place for Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara in our lives. 

Wayism is a philosophy

Purpose of Life

Wayism as philosphy believes that earth is a school for soul beings. We reincarnate here over and over again, learning the wisdom required to graduate from the school of life. Graduating is a process, that some refer to as the process of enlightenment. Graduate souls gradually metamorphose into spiritual beings, who then continue existing in a spiritual world called, in Sanskrit, Sukhavati (Land of Blisfull Happiness), or Heaven. The purpose of life is to gain the wisdom to be reborn or transformed as a spiritual being.  


Wisdom comes from Love, defined in the Wayist three jewels as Humility, Simplicity and Compassion. We must live authentic human lives, we must own our own minds, and we must live fully--that is our task as students. By aquiring more Humility, Simplicity and Compassion we aquire more and more wisdom. 

Spiritual beings

Human soul beings have forever looked up to spiritual beings as superior. Spiritual beings have forever guided us, taught us and helped us to learn our life lessons. We know, and name the spiritual beings as gods, buddhas, bodhisattvas, angels, dakini, apsara, etc. Sukhavati, the spiritual heaven, destination of our type of soul being is a monarchy, the leader of which is entitled Amitabha (Skt. word) which means Immeasurable Light. Iesous (Jesus) told us to understand this superior being as God our Father in Heaven. 


One of the main ethics of Wayism is that we should love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We define "neighbour" as all living beings. 

The Unnamable, Ineffable One

The Source of all the universes known and unknown cannot be defined, or spoken of by humans. It is much more than what we can fathom. Our limited language, limited brains and limited intellect cannot speak of THAT without limiting It, placing conditions on It. Therefore we do not speak of the THAT. 

From the ONE flows an energy that some call the OM and other may call the Word (or Sound), which is in two poles Yin and Yang. From the two, comes all things. This is the Way. The Way is the river that flows from the Divine One, it flows for a purpose. We cannot know what that purpose is but we trust that the flow is benevolent. Therefore, being in the flow of the way is important to us. Not to (foolishly) try to interfere with the Divine Plan, the Way, is important.  

Laws of The Way

There is no god in charge of affairs on earth in the theist sense. Our Father in Heaven relies on the laws of the way to order things on Earth as the laws do what they have to do to order the rest of the universe(s). Karma is the law that organized our curriculim. Should I fail a test, Karma triggers that I need experiencec that will help me learn the material, have a change of heart and metanoia (as Jesus said) that reprograms my mind--so I wont fail again. That is how we advance in the school of life. Judgement happens instantanously, but it is not the Old Man with the Book doing the judging, its a law of nature, not unlike how gravity is a law of nature.

Many Waysits enjoy a devotional element

We see Wayism in Buddhism, Devotion to the Father forms the basis of the devitional life. We believe that Iesous was sent from heaven to work on earth in communities from Egypt to Nepal, bringing about reformations in religious movements. We believe that he returned in the year 78AD as (according to the Lotus Sutra and New Testament) Avalokiteshvara, the Saviour of the World, or Christ, if you will. 


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