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Wayist Centre for Spirituality in Siem Reap (Cambodia) provides awesome day-retreats, workshops, seminars, training programs and spiritual awareness events.

Enjoy workshops and activities specially designed for short-term visitors to amazing Siem Reap.

Add a few days to your travel plans. There is much more to experience in Siem Reap, the villages, the rivers and the lake, hidden pagodas and the spirituality of the people. Most visitors rush through, and miss the true Cambodia.

Cambodia has an ancient Wayist past. Its spirituality runs deep, and forms the core of Khmer society 

Theravada Buddhism is institutionalized, and plays an important role in Khmer society, but the deep spirituality of these beautiful people is rooted in the soil, the trees and rocks, awareness of those who had gone before and who will return.

Prana Reiki Healing 

Prana healing is the basis upon which Reiki was built. We are trained in the ancient spiritual healing system known in Sanskrit as Atman-Jiva Cikitsa, in English language known as Pneumatherapy (spiritual energy therapy). Our clients come from Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and Australia / New Zealand. 

Training in Spiritual Energy Healing

Our center hosts formal training and internship opportunities for people interested in learning to manage their own spiritual energy healing, and optionally to continue their studies to become certified professional healers. Courses are conducted by PrajnaParamita School of Pneumatherapy and licensing is granted by International Association of Pneumapaths (IAP).

  • Level 1 certification enables one to heal oneself and maintain one's own spiritual energies. Training is presented during a 6-day retreat.
  • Level 2 certification enables one to diagnose spiritual energies and heal family members by using prana healing (advanced for of Reiki).
  • Level 3 certification entitles one to be licensed as professional Pneumatherapist. Enables one to diagnose ailments and apply any of several different therapies on chakras, meridians, marma points and acupressure points. With Level 3 certification members can be licensed by the IAP to operate their own spiritual healing practice.
  • Level 4 certification is available to active practitioners who engaged in research and contributed to the knowlegebase for no less than 2 years. Individuals may apply for the designation Pneumapath.  



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