8-day / 7-night Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The focus of our center is holistic welllness. We serve clients from all over the world.

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Looking for a deep and profound transformation in life?

  • Looking for Inspiration?
  • You feel the spirit, but cannot fully connect?
  • Are you at crossroads in life?
  • Need help to heal from past traumas that just don't let you go on with your life?
  • Looking for the purpose of your life?
  • Need help to rediscover your passionate, sensual self?
  • Why did you incarnate, this time? What is it that you came here for?
  • Love and passion in relationships elude you due to chakra and past life issues? We can help fix that.
  • What is your karma?
  • Your chakras are sometimes open but you don't yet see the light? We can help.
  • You have been all around the spirituality circuit and are ready for something real, concrete and something that makes sense.
  • Simply looking to go deeper with yourself, perhaps searching for the Divine spark within?
  • Ready to transform your life?

Benefit from a complete spiritual energy healing therapeutic regimen

The 8-day 7-night spiritual healing retreat is ideal for people who want multiple sessions to work on a thorough, complete and lasting healing of their spiritual body and its energies.

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You need spiritual energy to heal physically, mentally and emotionally

Yogi Philosophy teaches that the soul's energy keeps the body alive. When the soul leaves, the body dies.

If you need spiritual help to recover or heal from a physical, emotional or mental health issue, you need your spiritual energy to be well tuned.

Most of our clients come to heal from trauma or lifestyle damage to the soul. For some, this regimen is an annual spiritual checkup and revitalization.

Start with diagnostics, and if required we move on to detox followed by re-energizing, several therapies and skills transfer to heal and manipulate your own yogic kundalini / prana energy.

Pranic healing reiki energy massagePranic healing with Universal Energy, the Reiki principle

Benefit from several different spiritual therapies and healing regimens

To deal with multiple physical, emotional and mental issues resulting from chronic spiritual energy imbalances, we need to engage in several diagnostic and therapeutic sessions.

Your soul and spiritual organs are as ancient as you are, and have traversed many lifetimes. If, in this lifetime, you have not exercised your spiritual skills and have neglected your soul, you will find our workshops and therapy very enlightening.

pneumatherapy chakra healing prana and qi awareness

Open and activate your spiritual faculties

Each one of your chakras is a soul mind. Each specializes in a different skill set, each has its own spiritual faculties. Discover and develop your spiritual talents whether it be an understanding of deeper spiritual wisdom, soul travel, or darshan (associating with spiritual beings / angels). 

Ayahuasca, iowaska, ayawaska, shamanic soma Khmer natural herbal remedies

Chakra balancing is important, but it is symptomatic relief. While we do chakra energizing and re-balancing, we prefer to do chakra therapy to cure the root causes for energy disturbance and you can have this done by our professionals with decades of experience and solid training.

Every soul is different. To ensure your spiritual success, we will find the therapy sets that work best for you

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The 6-day spiritual energy healing retreat is ideal when you have to be available to therapists during the day. You will receive therapy as required to ensure success of your healing and learning program.


Multidisciplinary Holistic Healing

To permanently correct chakra imbalances and get rid of bad energy, and permanently settle clean, healthy energy in the soul, several sessions may be required. We make use of Pneumatherapy, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Entheogenics, Japanese acupressure culture, Yogic chakra diagnosis and Reki-like Prana healing and diagnostic sensing.

exorcismo Energy therapy cambodia siem reap

Each person is different, and each soul is on its own unique journey to the One common goal. Several different therapies and approaches are used to find the treatment combination that best works for you.

For this reason, booking into our healing retreat or a neghbouring guesthouse is convenient because it cuts down on daily transportation arrangements and travel costs.

Karman Yoga & Heart Sutra Mantra Meditation

Karman Meditation is an ancient active meditation to strengthen and heal the body, reset soul mind to face the day and envigorate the chakras and spiritual energies. With movements of self-awareness you work with Prana (Universal energy), the Chakras, YinYang energies and the Aura.   

With Mantra meditation, you can focus on your heart, opening up your heart chakra, reaching out to a higher spiritual level of meditation.

  • Karman meditation is mind, body, soul and spirit maintenance. 
  • Healing Prana energy in the chakras. Learn how to regenerate your spiritual energy and maintain the health of your soul body.
  • Improved energy flow and vitality with improve health and well-being

Entheogenic Medicines

Ancient herbal tinctures for spiritual healing are custom-made for you, as and when required. To unblock, tone or subdue dysfunctional chakras, often we need a bit of a boost from trusted, ancient entheogenic medicines (entheogenic = generating the Divine within). We manufacture these remedies according to ancient principles and recipes.

Possessão espiritual entheogenic medicine Spiritual Healing cambodia siem reap Ayahuasca salvia nelumbo

Adjacent accommodation-partner hotels

Includes breakfast, pool, AC and amazing ambiance: from $35 to $55 per day depending on the season.

We are surrounded by accommodation options at all different price ranges, from $10 to $700 per night.

Spiritual Energy Healing Program

8-day / 6-night program

The retreat ALWAYS STARTS ON MONDAY morning at 08:00, ends on Saturday afternoon late, that is 6-days of instruction and treatments.

8 day calendar

$738 for the full 6-day treatment and learning program, including excursions and lunches. Your day starts at 08:00 and normally ends at 18:00. Sometimes, evening appointments may be required but in general you have your evenings free to explore the delights of this exotic (and safe!) community.

Please note:

  • Most retreat centers and yoga retreats offer relaxation / free time of 5 to 10 hours per day--we do not.
  • Our healing and wellness program however requires 6 full days. Even the excursions that we organize are aimed at restoring and enhancing spiritual energy.


wayist spiritual energy retreat program cambodia 6 day retreat siem reap yoga chakras healing kundalini reiki program

wayist center healing yoga retreat aura energy for couples

What to expect? What will you learn? Oh, how much you will benefit!!

  • Daily meditations. Karman yoga meditation followed by Heart Sutra Mantra meditation.
  • Program includes Spiritual Energy Diagnostics.
  • Full, Know Your KarmaTM consultation. Re-energizing chakras, moving energy between chakras. Complete 30page Know Your Karma report.
  • Prana-Chakra Healing (similar to Reiki but more extensive).
  • Get in touch with your spiritual self and the healing energies available to us.
  • Meridian therapy, and touch therapy to aid healing energy flow. 
  • Full body detox treatment
  • Full body oil massage
  • Foot reflexology session 
  • Therapy and counseling sessions.
  • Learning about chakras, prana, and kundalini. How chakra energies affect our psyche, physical body, self-worth, spirit and mind.
  • Learn how to move kundalini energy through the chakras in meditation, massage, and touch therapy.
  • Workshops on Yoga Philosophy, YinYang Energy, Chakras and several Meditation styles and techniques across several spiritual traditions,
  • Restore you sexual and sensual energy and your passionate self.
  • Restore your heart and develop your compassionate self. How to anchor awareness of your higher self.
  • Restoring self-image and self-confidence. Soul maintenance techniques to help you through life.
  • Paint your own chakra silk scarf.
  • Excursions to Silk Farm, ancient shrines and more.
  • Optional asana yoga sessions every evening after 18:00. Different styles to choose from, or try them all.
  • Temple visit - a guided spiritual energy tour of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prom temples. Early morning meditation at a serene ancient temple site, picnic in Angkor Thom. Price does not include access ticket to the Angkor Wat complex.


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High season is upon us, reserve your place today and enjoy an experience of a lifetime in SE Asia's most bucket-listed destination, Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat.

We are working on 2018 dates. Contact us to request pre-bookings for 2018 so we give you first choice to book before releasing the dates to booking engines.

Booking requires a deposit of $140, refundable up to 14 days before arrival

On submission you will be forwarded to PayPal for secure credit card transaction.


We offer 3 accommodation options at neighbouring properties, totally at your discretion. All accommodations are situated around a beautiful pool in peaceful, natural surroundings. 



Budget luxury

Walk-out rooms surrounded by very old Mak Prang trees (Bouea Oppositifolia) which help to maintain the quiet and peace of the natural garden.

budget yoga retreat siem reap cambodia

Situated along Siem Reap River, an interesting walk past Pagoda Enkosai and the local elementary school to the retreat center, savouring the exotic lifestyle of our village. Fans and warm showers in every room.



 Ideal for those who prefer more luxurious surroundings. Situated along Siem Reap River, a 5-minute walk past Wat (pagoda) Enkosa and the local middle-school to the retreat center, enjoying the exotic and interesting lifestyle of our village. AC and warm shower in every room.

Luxury rooms


Ideal for those who prefer more luxurious surroundings.

Situated along Siem Reap River, a 5-minute walk past Wat (pagoda) Enkosa and the local middle-school to the retreat center, enjoying the exotic and interesting lifestyle of our village. AC and warm shower in every room.




Beautiful pool




Ideal for travel partners who

  • want to share a room
  • who prefer more luxurious walk-out or balcony rooms
  • prefer more upscale dining in the hotel, located in a tropical garden setting.

Situated along Siem Reap River, a 5-minute walk past Wat Enkosa and the local middle-school to the retreat center, enjoying the exotic lifestyle of our village. AC and warm shower in every room.



You may change your room or hotel after arrival. Depending on availability, upgrade, downgrade or share with someone in the retreat group, whatever you like. 

All accommodations feature a pool, breakfast, AC and nice ambiance in Cambodian 3-star and 4-star facilities.


Breakfast and Lunch is included.

The hotel has a restaurant for dinner, but there are no less than 200 restaurant choices in town, which is less than two miles away, a $2 tuk-tuk ride.


High season (Dec, Jan, Feb)


Total Money: $0.00




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