Center Facilitator

(Full Time)


The center:

Wayism Center for Spirituality is a small place where tourists come to enjoy the peaceful garden and learn about Buddhism, culture and meditation. Tourists enjoy something to drink. The center is open to late in the evening.

Two senior staff live at the center, in one room. Sometimes, we have senior students also live at the center in one more room. The other three rooms in the house (kitchen, lounge, work room) are used by guests who visit the center in the day.


  • Must speak Khmer and good enough English to communicate concepts to foreigners
  • Must have experience working with foreigners
  • Be prepared to do general work, different types of jobs that are required to keep a center running (may involve: cleaning, watering garden, presenting program to visitors, conducting general business like paying bills and purchasing materials, email and internet work, etc.)
  • Must be pleasant and presentable. Have a friendly attitude. Must learn and improve.
  • Must advance business
  • Must have own moto

Job description:

  • Do general work that is required to maintain the center. This will involve meeting with visitors face to face, welcoming them to the center, serving client needs. This may involve email, phone, gardening, maintenance, shopping, managing contractors or workers.
  • Once trained, present workshops or help with workshops for visitors
  • Take care of the center
  • Help with marketing to guest-houses, restaurants, travel agencies and hotels
  • Maintain and expand relationships with businesses that send us clients

Work hours:

Monday to Saturday (Sundays off) 07:30 morning to 5:00 evening. Lunch break from 12:30 to 2:00.


  • Base starting salary for first 2 months. $150 per month (plus allowance ~$112 = $262)
  • Base salary for months 3 to 6. $170 per month (plus allowance ~$112 = $282)
  • Base salary for months 6 to 12. $190 per month (plus allowance ~$112 = $302)
  • Base salary for year 2. $250 per month

Annual increase after year two, based on work performance and cost of living allowance.

Allowances for every full day at work:
  • Uniform allowance. For keeping uniform clean and in good condition. $0.50c per full day worked.
  • Transport allowance. $1.50 per full day worked.
  • Meal allowance. $0.50c per full day worked.
  • Business growth bonus. $2.00 per full day worked.

Depending on the number of Sundays, allowances can be $112 or $117 per month.



Tel / Text : 077-804-814

Siem Reap, Cambodia



#64 Wayism Road, Slo Kram Commune, Treang Village.
North on River Road, between pagodas AunKoSa and AunKoSe. 2km from Pub Street.

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