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Wayist Center for Spiritual Energy Healing and Therapy is a peaceful oasis away from the busy tourist areas of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We are the foremost center for holistic healing of the self, and spiritual energy wellness retreats in Cambodia

  • Need a Reiki or Prana healing to balance chakras?
  • Empower your journey of personal evolution, learn from our Spiritual Energy Retreat.
  • Benefit from our trademark Spiritual Energy Diagnostic. Receive a personal energy profile of your chakras, meridians, and aura--your soul.
  • You can get to Know your Karma .

We specialize in Pneumatherapy, an ancient spiritual energy healing regimen

  • Benefit from understanding your own Prana, Qi and your soul's relationship to Universal Energy.
  • Personal and individual therapies will check all energy pathways, clear negative energies, balance chakras and energize your meridians, and you will learn how to self-maintain your soul over the long run.
  • Benefit from our integrative therapies: acupressure, meridian and marma pressure point diagnoses, pranamayati massage and reflexology.
  • Rebirth, get a new start during our energy healing retreats in Siem Reap.
  • Anchor your personal growth with Karman yoga active meditation and mantra meditation.
  • You learn to master your kundalini, learn how to heal soul energy, and manage your sensual energies to improve relationship success.

Spiritual Therapeutic Sessions, Retreats and Remedies:

8-days / 7-nights

retreat siem reap cambodia spiritual healing therapy

Repair, heal and master your chakras and kundalini spiritual energy. Reiki, chakra balancing, prana therapy, Know Your Karma, and more. Includes all diagnostics, excursion, therapeutics and treatments.

Excursions to the ancient Angkor Wat temples with its amazing spiritual energy, and other exotic experiences.

Includes daily Karman Yoga Meditation and Mantra Meditation, daily workshops and ongoing therapies.

Enjoy nice private accommodations in the park-like quiet suburb of Siem Reap city.

RETREAT 8-days / 7-nights




know your karma. know your soul personality. siem reap, thailand, cambodia buddhist healing yoga reiki spirituality tarot


We use the unique Soul - Chakra Personality Assessment TM developed by spirituality author and teacher Jean du Plessis.

Learn more about your soul condition, what was the souls path up to now, and the major challenges that lie ahead on the way forward.

This comprehensive spiritual energy survey is to understand your present-day chakras, qi, yinyang energy, and much more. Reiki-Prana-Chakra balancing and energy therapy included.

Includes a free PDF 20-30 page analysis of your personal soul energy. Get to know your soul personality.


Contact for an appointment

(FREE mala / prayer beads)



chakra balancing clearing chakras reiki prana universal energy healing

Diagnosis is the foundation of spiritual healing

Presently the most comprehensive spiritual-clinical diagnostic procedure in the world.

We test all chakras, meridians, yin and yang energy flow, foot reflexology pressure points, prana and aura field.

Collected data is correlated to determine the soul's energy levels and synchronicity with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions.

Additionally, a graphic report is emailed to you after the session

Before you do any spiritual therapy, you should consider this full soul energy profile


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entheogen, entheogenic, soma, cambodia, siem reap, ayahuasca, lotus, shroom, molly

Spiritual entheogens and tonics are hand-crafted tinctures made from carefully selected plants in South East Asia, all in accordance with the ancient Soma tradition of Northern India.

Our tradition goes back more than 2,500 years.

We manufacture and dispense remedies from our center in Siem Reap, Cambodia.



alternative healing traditional Cambodian spiritual healer

Your soul energy keeps your physical body and its mind alive. When the soul moves on, the body and its mind dies.

Soul energy is what empowers the physical body to resist disease, repair DNA / RNA and cell damage (homeostasis). Every day, healthy souls empower their bodies to fight off cancers, nerve damage, pathogens, tumours and other diseases.

Some souls may not be healthy, anymore.

Some souls are so negative in energy, one must consider whether "possession by an evil spirit" or a "curse" is possible. These terms come with humankind almost forever. So much so that Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ also spoke to it.

Prana, also called Divine Energy is pure soul energy that flows through your very being to heal, repair and rewire your true Self. Set your self on the path to health, prosperity and happiness.

 If you are accompanied by your guardian angel or a powerful spiritual being, we work with him/her to partner with us and the Divine in the healing process.

Initial Spiritual Healing sessions include full physical, mental and spiritual body diagnostics before healing starts.

Follow-up appointments can be done in clinic, or over distance if you are so inclined.

Ever felt that you just don't get well, you never feel healthful and have lost the ability to repair? There are more than 1,000,000,000 websites on earth. Is there a deeper reason why you are reading this? 

2 hours

Appointment required


prana chakra therapy clearing kundalini tantra sacred sensuality mind healing

Discover the awareness-creating and spiritual healing benefits of Prana Chakra & Spiritual Energy therapy.
If you know of Reiki, this will blow your mind, it is just so much more advanced.
We do "Chakra Balancing" with a professional difference.

Feel rejuvenated and spiritually charged!

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meditation shaolin qi energy chakras training

Karman Meditation is an ancient active meditation that includes movements of self-awareness as we work with the energies inside and all around us.  Clearing and energizing the chakras, we clean our auras. We focus on compassion, simplicity and humility, understanding the Way things are, and living in harmony with all living beings around us. Ancient style still used by Shaolin monks. Easy and quick to learn.

Complimentary when you book a therapy session.

60-90 min

60 min (add 30 min - Mantra Meditation included)
Every Monday to Saturday at 08:00



meditation mantra zen vipassana bodhidharma siem reap

Mantra meditation gives your mind/brain something to do, keeps it active, yet focused. Now you can focus on your heart, opening up your heart and reaching out to a higher spiritual level of meditation.

45 min
Every Monday to Saturday at 09:00



counseling counselling counsellor counselor spiritual couples relationship therapist therapy

Often-times, spirituality, cultural conditioning and religious dogma comes in a mixed bag of things that can create emotional conditions which negatively impact on soul development and spiritual harmony.

Additionally, environmental, physical and spiritual things impact on one's soul and changes our spiritual energy. We need to do spiritual maintenance to heal body, mind and soul.

Rediscover your innate, natural spirituality that has served you well over many past lives. Rediscover your happiness and your individual path to spiritual health—and how to either embrace or put behind you the religious and cultural influences of this life.

30 min $35.  Per additional 15 min, $15.

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yoga, yogi, yogini, philosophy, patanjali, krishna, workshop

Yogi Philosophy started with the Upanishadic era about 500BCE and was expounded, in depth, in the Bhagavad Gita about 2,000 years ago. We learn about Gnani, Bhakti, Karma and Raja Yoga. About 1,000 year ago Patanjali wrote a treatise on the how and why of Yoga Asanas (postures and stretching exercises), part of the Hatha Yoga tradition.

This introductory workshop earns a Certificate of Accomplishment used by Yoga Instructors for certification and in studios.

WORKSHOP 2 hours
Tuesday @ 10:00

Pre-registration required



Meditation Garden

Enjoy the meditation garden and spiritual environment

Enjoy this beautiful video of the amazing Istvan Sky and friends

Spiritual Gift Shop

Cold refreshments

Hand carved icons, malas, thankas, scarves, and more.

Wayism publications 



The Siem Reap center is also home to well-known author and pneumatologist, Jean P du Plessis.
Jean is visited by clients from all over the world for alternative healing sessions and spirituality training.
We believe the goals of spiritual practice (such as yoga and meditation) are self-realization and maintaining balance, which facilitates healing of body, mind and soul. Health is your primary wealth. The body knows how to heal itself, but it needs mind and soul to be in harmony for this to happen. We need good energy. Reprogramming negative energy patterns and clearing energy pathways sets you on the road to maintaining holistic wellness. (Jean du Plessis)

Spiritual Energy & Karma

Combine your Cambodian travel to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap with a spiritual adventure of peace and healing

Enjoy meditation, spiritual energy healing, get to know your karma and benefit from a full soul energy diagnosis

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